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Le Salon de l’Auto recherche des ambassadeurs hors pair - OFFRE D'EMPLOI CLOTUREE / Sélections Salon de l'Auto 2020 Terminées

The crème de la crème of the industry

The annual Motor Show is a true Mecca for car enthusiasts. And because every brand likes to show its best side, we are joining forces with the best known most prestigious names in the industry. Classics such as Opel, Renault, Dacia, Mazda, Honda, Mitsubishi, BMW, Jaguar, Land Rover and Porsche can, as always, rely on our professional assistance.

The voice of a strong brand

More than ever, our customers are looking for sparkling personalities who fully embody their brand. As an ambassador, you do your very best to put a strong brand in the spotlight. “Personality beyond the smile” is our motto, and these are not just empty words. Are you an enthusiast who can effortlessly introduce that fire and into both national languages? Will you seal the deal with potential buyers in no time? Then you are the perfect person to represent our customers at the Motor Show. Experience or automotive knowledge is not a requirement, but a healthy curiosity goes a long way. You will get high quality commercial communication training and you will be fully prepared for the event.

An international spectacle

Car enthusiasts visit the Motor Show from all across the country. No other event attracts as many visitors and it is therefore also extremely important that it is a success. Because the Motor Show period traditionally generates strong sales and is decisive for the rest of the year, our customers save no money or effort to distinguish themselves from the competition. This is reflected in beautiful stands, high-quality training and a strict selection to work with only the best ambassadors.

A diving platform to success

Working at the Motor Show as an ambassador is an enriching experience. Depending on the brand, sometimes more than half of the team returns the following year, and many people even take special leave to work at the Motor Show. As an ambassador, you enjoy a short but intense training that not only offers you all the tools to shine at the event, but is also a huge added value for your general professional skill set. A job at the Motor Show can also lead to a lot more potential assignments. Car brands often have exclusive partnerships with events and organizations such as Zoute Grand Prix, Knokke Hippique and the Red Devils, for which the same Ambassadors are re-engaged. During peak periods or launches, the concessions also make use of the talent from the Motor Show. Many ex-ambassadors have moved onto permanent employment at one of our customers or in concessions. A spot at the Motor Show can therefore be a great diving platform for those who have set their sights on a job in the industry.

One month’s salary in just a few days

Working at the Motor Show as an ambassador is hard work, but it certainly pays. Literally: because you work so many hours in such little time, you are also paid overtime. This way you can earn a monthly salary in just a few days.

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